Welcome Grace!

Hello Sacred Roots family!  It’s been awhile since I posted  here, I’ve been busy with births, but also with building my women’s health guide biz over HERE!  It must be a spring thing, since it was May the last time I got to introduce a new mentee! Please meet Grace Willis!  I am super excited to be given the opportunity to support Grace in becoming a great doula and asset to her community as a birth worker. Grace reached out a few months ago looking for information and guidance on building a doula business and what the day to day look like as READ MORE

This is for you if…

This program is for you if any of these sound like you! You’re feeling anxious about returning to normal life — physical, emotional, social and you don’t know how you’ll adjust after baby is born. You’re conflicted on jumping back into work too soon — on the one hand you’re worried about losing your job / position …. On the other hand, you don’t want to leave your baby. You’ve planned for the proper support during pregnancy and labor (and your birth plan is etched in your memory) but you have neglected to plan for what happens when you get home. Hey guess READ MORE

We Start May 1, 2021!

The Resilient Mother program for soon-to-be moms due after July 1, 2021 Jump in now! and if you know someone who this would be a good fit for, please share widely! This program is for you if any of these sound like you! You might already be experiencing sleep problems and from everything you hear, you’re afraid it will only get worse after baby is born You’ve heard about postpartum bleeding & body changes and you’re concerned it will happen to you (and you won’t know how to recover) You’re anxious about not snapping back to slender former self, so you’re staying active, watching what READ MORE

What don’t I know? The Resilient Mother Program!

You know what’s hard? You know what HARDER in ‘rona times?  Motherhood. Parenthood in general is a total shit show a lot of the time. A TON of flying by the seat of your pants, learning as you go, and lessons hard won. We often think we have the skills we need to navigate parenthood, have “adult conversations” with our partners and in general not turn into puddles of emotions. Motherhood changes all that. You WILL be a puddle of emotion at sometime. I PROMISE. You will feel like your partner doesn’t understand what it’s like for you (they really READ MORE

Empowering Resiliency After Birth!

Happy spring everyone! I’m so excited to be offering this AWESOME and very needed course for pregnant folks. Being a doula and childbirth educator for the last 10 years, I hear: “I didn’t know how to ask for help” and “I wish I would have rested more” and “my partner was trying, but didn’t know what I needed” ALL. THE. TIME. Whether this is your first baby or 4th, this course will help you prepare for a well adjusted return to “normal” life after a baby. Please share with any pregnant people you know! This information is SO important! If you would like more READ MORE

New Year! Gathering my resources.

So… you know when you think you know all the things… You know what to do, and know what triggers you, and you know the supplements to take, and foods to eat or avoid to feel your best?  Yeah? Me too. And that’s why I’m finally reaching out to a health coach for myself this week! Because I’m totally overwhelmed with all the options and next steps that I need to take to get feeling better! It’s so hard to see outside your current situation… and I’m feeling that big time right now. I don’t especially like the idea of READ MORE

I cheated my way through mindset class…

You know what you can do to feel better. You know what you’re doing that makes you feel like crap. You know! Whether you know logically, or intuitively, or even subconsciously — you know. So what’s stopping you from making the changes? What’s stopping you from just doing better? Now. When I was first learning about coaching I didn’t realize how much self-work would be expected of me. To recognize where my own voices of sabotage would be loudest and how to listen and move through those doubts. To notice where I’m living in fear, of failure — and even READ MORE

Here I am!

Y’all! I’m here! It’s been quite a journey of self-discovery these past 2+ years.  If you know me, you know I have always been searching for the answers to why our culture is so sick. Why are we always seeking health and only getting sicker? The U.S. spends more per capita on “healthcare” than any other country in the world.  So why are so many folks just soooo far from healthy. In true Katy fashion, I wanted to know HOW CAN I HELP? I learned about how many women were giving birth without proper education, . That they were without READ MORE

Presentation on "What do Doulas do"

In June 2020, I presented to the University of Michigan “Stay Home, Stay Connected” prenatal support group. This group was created to provide support to soon-to-be mothers during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. If you’re wondering if a doula might be a good tool for you in your birth (or you just have no idea what a doula is) please watch. This presentation explains everything you need to know about how a doula/client relationship works. It also covers how to find and hire a doula and the roles a doula has in the birth room, supporting you and your partner. Feel READ MORE

Working Together

I have been so blessed to work with many amazing practitioners.  I have also seen laboring mothers treated as though they were 2nd class citizens – stupid, and unable to think clearly or logically.  When I’ve seen the entire birth team working together, the outcomes are beautiful.  They might not always be ideal, and they might leave the mother with feelings of sadness or disappointment, but they don’t leave anyone feeling as though they were taken advantage of. They don’t leave questions behind.  When the whole team works together – mother, father, doula, nurse, midwife and/or OB – the world READ MORE