Working Together

I offer an array of possibilities to work with me. From year-long programs to 45-minute consults and group classes. I want anyone who has a desire to feel better to be able to get the support they need from someone who cares, will listen, and will help implement steps to real change.

Six, and twelve month programs

Depending on how and what you are trying to achieve, different length programs are available. If you have a specific problem where you know what the issue is, and are having some issues with resolution, a shorter program might be right. Where if there is quite a bit of discovery still needed for you to find your path – I’m here for it! – and a longer program might be right for you. Don’t worry, you can schedule a free consult and we will figure out together what program is right for you.

Our Focus

During our sessions we will move through defining and determining where you are now and where you’d like to be. We start by focusing on these Pillars of Health:

Food – What is your relationship to what you put in your body?

Sleep – How can you best support restful and rejuvenating sleep?

Emotional and Mental Resilience – What are your blocks? How is your mind getting in the way of you making positive change?

Movement – What are the ways you enjoy moving your body?

Community – Do you have a support network? How do you use your community to support you in your goals?

Supplements and herbs – Finally, what can you do to supplement your nutrition?

Other Offerings