Postpartum Preparation Course

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Join me for a journey to & through your future of motherhood!

Classes are only being offered privately at this time.


This program is for you if any of these sound like you!

You might already be experiencing sleep problems and from everything you hear, you’re afraid it will only get worse after baby is born

You’ve heard about postpartum bleeding & body changes and you’re concerned it will happen to you (and you won’t know how to recover)

You’re anxious about not snapping back to slender former self, so you’re staying active, watching what you’re eating — but you don’t know how you’ll keep this up post-birth

You’ve planned for the proper support during pregnancy and labor (and your birth plan is etched in your memory) but you have neglected to plan for what happens when you get home.

Hey guess what? If you feel any of these things, you’re not alone! 

I’ve been there, and so have so many of my clients. And I want you to know that there is hope!

Unplug with a bedtime ritual for you and your baby that feels grounding and promotes peaceful sleep. 

Have a strategy that feels doable and simple so you and your partner are getting all the sleep and rest you need to parent at your best.

Be prepared with the best tools to rebuild and restore your body to full health and resilience.

Feel free to exercise in ways that fit your life as you recover after birth.

Have an all-star team ready to support you and the new arrival so you can feel your best faster!

In this interactive and intuitive group workshop we will be delving into what are the top 4 factors to having a healthy and happy postpartum, as well as returning to feeling like yourself by taking your unique next best steps.

So what are the factors that play into how your postpartum time go? They can vary so much, but in this program we will talk about the most likely causes of anxiety and depression, fatigue, brain fog, postpartum injury, slow recovery after birth, and sense of self/community.

The 4 areas we will cover are:
♥Sleep and Resiliency

What does sleep with a baby look like? How do you and your team work together to get everyone the sleep you need? Why is sleep so important? and how will this key piece of the puzzle lead to a faster recovery?

♥Depletion from pregnancy and how to rebuild

What does pregnancy take out of you? Likely causes of common postpartum issues, like mood swings, unexplained fatigue, food cravings or aversions. Safe and simple foods and supplements that can make big changes in how you’re feeling.

♥staying true to who you are

Identifying what makes you happy. Discovering who you are when you’re at your best. and what you need to return to your new normal as your baby grows.

♥building Support Networks

While focusing in your unique situation we will create a plan for you to be resourced, well-served, resilient, and rested, while you snuggle your new baby and move into this new chapter of life. Along with group coaching, you will also get a 1-hour call with me ($120 value) to bring all you’ve discovered into a cohesive picture for your return to the world after your 4th trimester.

Ready to jump in??