Products I love!

This page is for products I love, and use, and offer to my clients. Full disclosure, some (though not all) of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a small kick-back from purchases made. I do not care if you buy via my link, go ahead and find it on your own! Though every time you use a link it helps me keep my prices where they are and offer financial assistance to clients in need.

FullScript Apothecary (20% off retail prices)

VivoSmart Wearable Tracker

Perfect Supplements

Humble Collective CBD (use coupon code SACREDROOTS take 25% off full-priced Humble Collective CBD brand products)

Root Cause Protocol

RCP from JigSaw Health (use coupon code Katy10)


LMNT Electrolytes


StarWest Botanicals Herbs

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

Wool Flannel for caster oil packs

Cast Iron Skillets

Facial Dry Brush

Full Body Dry Brush