Three Things Thursday – Gut edition

Healing, Nourishing, Finding Joy If you know me at all, you know I like talking about guts. Gut health is where most healing journeys will need to start. When we have damage in our guts, nothing else works quite right. So how do we start making sure our guts are working optimally? Healing Bringing in foods that are healing to the lining of the intestines. This can be well cooked veggies, bone broth, raw foods like sauerkraut and kefir, pre- and probiotics. These can help your gut begin to heal which will then make any other food you consume easier to READ MORE

Three Things Thursday – grounding edition

BREATHE INTO THE GROUND Take 3 deep breathes into the body part touching the ground or your seat. Notice the breathe flowing through your body. FEEL YOUR ROOTSImagine roots growing from your feet into the ground. Notice the feeling of strength and sturdiness that comes from being powerfully rooted. LAY DOWNLay down and notice your body supported by the earth. Notice your muscles melt into that feeling of support. 💜 Katy

Happy New Year!

So long 2021… Last year we had to walk through fire. We learn ed to live in our own power… To trust our ways of knowing and find our truth. To lean into surrender and let go of that which we can’t control. This will serve us in the new year. May you find Peace, Rest, and Ease 💜 Katy

Feeling Heard and Honored in Medical Appointments

Whether you’re dealing with chronic illness, pregnancy appointments, or your annual checkup – Visits to see you care provider can be intimidating, and often leave you feeling like there could have been a more productive conversation. If you are one of the millions of women who feel like they aren’t heard by their doctors and other care providers, I have made a tool for you to use before, during, and after your appointment. This workbook can help create a safe and informative appointment that leaves you feeling like you got what you needed, OR that you definitely need a new READ MORE

A little of my origin story…

When I started doula work, I thought it was a stepping stone to midwifery. As I attended more births in the hospital as well as at home I realized I was desperately needed to support women in their hospital births. While homebirths are beautiful and often very intervention free, my work as an advocate and empowering source of trust in the process was needed in the hospital. As I continued my work I learned that watching women step into their power in birth, motherhood, AND life would always be a part of my life. Being a Doula has taught me READ MORE

This is for you if…

This program is for you if any of these sound like you! You’re feeling anxious about returning to normal life — physical, emotional, social and you don’t know how you’ll adjust after baby is born. You’re conflicted on jumping back into work too soon — on the one hand you’re worried about losing your job / position …. On the other hand, you don’t want to leave your baby. You’ve planned for the proper support during pregnancy and labor (and your birth plan is etched in your memory) but you have neglected to plan for what happens when you get home. Hey guess READ MORE

We Start May 1, 2021!

The Resilient Mother program for soon-to-be moms due after July 1, 2021 Jump in now! and if you know someone who this would be a good fit for, please share widely! This program is for you if any of these sound like you! You might already be experiencing sleep problems and from everything you hear, you’re afraid it will only get worse after baby is born You’ve heard about postpartum bleeding & body changes and you’re concerned it will happen to you (and you won’t know how to recover) You’re anxious about not snapping back to slender former self, so you’re staying active, watching what READ MORE

What don’t I know? The Resilient Mother Program!

You know what’s hard? You know what HARDER in ‘rona times?  Motherhood. Parenthood in general is a total shit show a lot of the time. A TON of flying by the seat of your pants, learning as you go, and lessons hard won. We often think we have the skills we need to navigate parenthood, have “adult conversations” with our partners and in general not turn into puddles of emotions. Motherhood changes all that. You WILL be a puddle of emotion at sometime. I PROMISE. You will feel like your partner doesn’t understand what it’s like for you (they really READ MORE

I cheated my way through mindset class…

You know what you can do to feel better. You know what you’re doing that makes you feel like crap. You know! Whether you know logically, or intuitively, or even subconsciously — you know. So what’s stopping you from making the changes? What’s stopping you from just doing better? Now. When I was first learning about coaching I didn’t realize how much self-work would be expected of me. To recognize where my own voices of sabotage would be loudest and how to listen and move through those doubts. To notice where I’m living in fear, of failure — and even READ MORE

Embracing Doulahood While Waiting for Motherhood

Often times when people learn I am a doula they assume that I have children of my own. There comes a point in interviews with potential clients where the question of my personal labor/pregnancy/baby  experience comes up. Until recently I have felt sheepish about admitting that I am not a mother yet (as if it is something to be admitted to). Maybe it’s because I am afraid of not meeting people’s expectations.  At the same time, I am not embarrassed that I’m still waiting to become a mother, nor do I think that it diminishes my skills as a doula. I don’t feel that becoming READ MORE