Natural and Integrative Healing

Entering the childbearing years can bring so much joy, so much love, and so many questions.

Will I ever get pregnant?

If I do, then what?

It’s been 6 years since I gave birth, am I still supposed to be this tired?

Will my autoimmune condition will affect my fertility/recovery?

How do grow a spectacular little human?

Is this how I’m “supposed” to feel?

Is this what my body does now?

I can tell my hormones are off, but what do I do about it?

How does one survive on only 4 hours of interrupted sleep?

Will I ever poop normally again?

Why won’t my brain just be quiet?!…

Fun stuff!

It isn’t Hopeless!

I know, because I’ve been there! I’ve been on a healing and learning and KNOWING journey into health and wellbeing and I want to support you in this journey as well!

Working with me might be for you if you…

  • Are ready to move beyond the story of your diagnosis and into a place of empowerment
  • Are planning to grow your family and want to prepare your body for an optimal pregnancy and birth
  • Are struggling to stay on top of the logistics of the healing process, appointments, and expectations
  • Are looking for ways to redefine your relationship with your illness and yourself
  • Are open to personal growth and creative problem-solving
  • Desire some clarity on navigating the overwhelming and confusing process of healing

Holistic Mastery of Your Health and Wellbeing

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