New Year! Gathering my resources.

So… you know when you think you know all the things…

You know what to do, and know what triggers you, and you know the supplements to take, and foods to eat or avoid to feel your best?  Yeah? Me too.

And that’s why I’m finally reaching out to a health coach for myself this week! Because I’m totally overwhelmed with all the options and next steps that I need to take to get feeling better! It’s so hard to see outside your current situation…

and I’m feeling that big time right now.

I don’t especially like the idea of new years resolutions, (I am terrible at them in general) and I think it’s just asking for guilt and shame and resentment, which as women, we do NOT need more of in the culture we’re currently living in. I do like the idea of having a vision or goal for a period of time though. I love the idea of seeing where you want to be and taking steps in that direction.

For me, one of these visions is feeling less blah at the end of the day. It’s a simple vision… haha. I have struggled with digestive issues my entire adult life (part of why I have entered this coaching space, based on the massive amount of info I have gleaned working on my own issues) and while I have a pretty good idea of what I need to do to get feeling better, I know what supplements help me, what foods I need to avoid. I still have trouble implementing the next best thing for me.  I need someone outside of me, outside of my situation to hold me accountable, but also to help me see what are the small, not overwhelming things I can do to get me nearer to my goal of healthy resilient guts!

I’m excited to share what I learn in my own journey, and SUPER excited to feel better everyday! 

Let me know if this resonates for you! What are your 2021 visions for yourself, and have you found someone to help hold you accountable to yourself?

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