A little of my origin story…

When I started doula work, I thought it was a stepping stone to midwifery. As I attended more births in the hospital as well as at home I realized I was desperately needed to support women in their hospital births. While homebirths are beautiful and often very intervention free, my work as an advocate and empowering source of trust in the process was needed in the hospital. As I continued my work I learned that watching women step into their power in birth, motherhood, AND life would always be a part of my life. Being a Doula has taught me READ MORE

Some things I’ve learned about me!

So it’s been over three years since I decided to start on my “health coach” journey. Since then I have learned many ways that I don’t want to work in this field (more on that at a later date) and so many ways that I DO!! Here are a few.  I DO want to be a touch stone for women who are trying to find balance, and themselves in the childbearing years. I DO want to support women from pre-conception through the first 3-5 postpartum years. I DO want to use my intuitive gifts to help guide women to find READ MORE